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We are busy finishing photos for our Summer 2018 clients. We unfortunately do not have time to respond to any new inquires for 2019. Thank you for your time!

Portfolio. 8 Hours Coverage, Engagements, Surprise Proposals, Prints and Albums. Portfolio, packages, and reviews. (315) 520-8655.


We are honored that someone would choose us to capture their special day.

These guys make picture taking fun! We had such a great time! Our engagement pictures were a wonderful "preview" of what was to be expected on our wedding day!

I was over the moon to see the photos that come back from a recent collaboration with Andrey. I was particularly impressed by the gorgeous detail shots, which are not only stunning but emotional! I can't decide which is my favorite! The album we have is admired by everyone who sees it.

Engagements Inclusive

Most of our packages include a 2 hour engagement session.  Unlimited outfit changes and up to 3 of your favorite locations. This is more than just an Engagement Shoot, this is a capture of your memories of the two of you together in the places you cherish most.

2nd Shooter

A jar of hearts, if only you could. The next best thing. My partner will be there, with you to capture precious fleeting moments. Capture twice the moments.

Unique Styles

Real moments are always more authentic, and more powerful. Print these moments as many times as you like, wherever you like! You share copyright.

$250 off remaining days off Summer 2018

I have a few days remaining unbooked this summer. Months of April to July. Inquire now and receive $250 of all packages.

Customize Your Package

Your Personalized Package


$ 600
  • Our Ultimate Package. Unlimited Coverage for your day with a professional second photographer. We will meet you at the salon, to start capturing your day. One photographer for the bride, and one for the groom. Not a moment will be missed.

Your wedding is unique!

Consultations are complimentary, and we would love to show you our work and discuss the details of your wedding! 

We have photographed wedding parties in size from two to twenty-two, and we will customize a photography collection for you to meet your specific needs. 
Your wedding day digital files are included in all collections, and many of our clients opt for full-day wedding coverage with two photographers, a professionally designed wedding album, and a bridal or engagement session. Consultations are complimentary, and we would love to show you our work and discuss the details of your wedding!
Please contact us for a customized quote.

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Surprise Proposals

Save your incredible, heart throbbing, day.

Same day, on location professional edit. Share your proposal photo immediately on Facebook and Instagram, and save them for a lifetime of memories.

$250 of Winter Weddings

I loveeee winter.

Join me for  $250 of all packages in November through February.

Upstate New York and Beyond!

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina? Click and Connect. We've traveled far and wide.


Real moments are always more authentic, and more powerful.

No Limit

No limit number of pictures taken and edited.


Can't wait to share.

The 10 best pictures delivered the week just after your wedding.                         

Online Gallery

Online gallery, active for 6 month, secured with a password, where you can easily: download all pictures in High Definition / order prints / select pictures for your album / share your pictures with all your friends and on social media.



Easy Payments

We accept Check, Cash, and Credit Cards.


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We accept all credit cards. Earn a 1.5% bonus or miles using your rewards credit cards.


Payment Due Date

Your Final Payment for our services is due 1 month before your Wedding Date. 

I am proud to support military, law enforcement and firefighters. That's why I am happy to offer a 10% discount on all packages. Only one condition : wearing your uniform.

10% Discount 

For Military, Law Enforcement and Firefighters.

Think of the way you felt when you got engaged. Excited? Joyful? Couldn’t stop giggling? I want you to feel that way when you see your wedding photos. I put my heart and soul into documenting weddings as if it was my own. I focus on you. Discovering and documenting all the details that make up your wild and crazy love story. 

I’m standing on that mountain top, walking through that field, or standing in that freezing lake (wouldn’t be the first time!) to get that perfect shot.  I do what I need to do because today is not about me. Laughing, crying, hugging, or loving, I’m there for you.  I go where you want your love story to be remembered.

For you, photography is important, it is more than just a piece of paper. It is what you, your children, and your childrens children, will remember again and again when paging through your high quality photo album. It represents your memories and your families legacy.

With an artistic eye, I offer documentary photographs that testify every moment of your special day. From the early morning, until the end of the night, I will bring to you a very personal story full of emotional joy, and energy through the pictures taken.

I prefer to catch the beauty of authentic moments.Capturing authentic moments in their simplicity is elegant and creates beautiful pictures My pictures will help capture all of your feelings, love, smells, sounds and much more from the wonderful day.

  1. Guiding you You may feel nervous about going to your photo shoot because you may think you’re not good at posing. A lot of people feel this way so don’t worry. We will be there to help you in feeling more relaxed and comfortable at the photo shoot. Usually, the worst part of the photo shoot is the first 15 minutes because everything is still so new to you. But afterward, you will be so used to the camera that you won’t even think about it anymore. All you will hear is the sound of my assistant and I, as we voice you through the different poses. These are simple poses such as “walking with your spouse” or “putting your arms around them.” If you truly love your spouse without any reservations, then these poses should be no problem for you. Book Now!
  2. Your photos are Giclée prints - Your photos are Giclée prints on the best museum grade fine art paper, which meets the photograph printing requirements and specifications for international museums like the Smithsonian. They offer phenomenal tonal range and gradient spread with non-reflective protected matte pages that have an amazing texture. And with a lifetime construction warranty from the album company, you really are getting an heirloom designed to be passed to your children and grandchildren. It truly is the one part of your wedding that will not succumb to technologies ever changing formats.  Inquire Now!
  3. UNIQUE STYLES - Every wedding is unique. From the decorations, to the light that shines through the doors, around you, as you take your first steps towards the magical day. Our photography will capture these styles, the aura of those moments. You will see them brining back the emotion you felt that day. Live a thousand times in the memories we've captured on your glorious, lovely day.   Message us now!

Questions FAQ

Feel free to inquire with any other questions you may have.

$400 Deposit

Book with Confidence. $400 Deposit, Refundable for 14 Days. * Unless your wedding is within 90 days.

Unlimted Locations

First look, Ceremony, Reception, wherever you like. Have as many locations as you like. 

No Travel Fees

New York, and Beyond

Contact Andrey

I look forward to your next adventure. Thank you!

Text or call me anytime (315) 520-8655. Or send a friendly email, BridesAndGrooms@AndreyVolk.com.


$ 600
Your Selected Package
  • You have selected our Ultimate Package. (Unlimited) Coverage for your day. (with a professional second photographer.) (With an egament Session), ($100 Photo Credit), (Something else) and (something else.)


We are busy finishing photos for our Summer 2018 clients. We unfortunately do not have time to respond to any new inquires for 2019. Thank you for your time!

BridesAndGrooms@AndreyVolk.com | Text me anytime (315) 520-8655 | @AndreyVolkie